Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
5 years

Meet Chet

Chet (aka “Cheddar”) is a butterscotch-colored, male lab around 5 years old and 65 pounds who wants to lie quietly near you or cuddle…especially cuddle. Whether you want his belly or not, he’s going to show it to you…a lot. This gentle soul wants to be close to you but isn’t needy. He has a way of working himself under your hand without you even realizing that you’re petting him.

Can you take your dog to work? Here’s your boy (he’s so laid-back!). Chet believes that everyone is there to meet him, so he gently walks up to allow petting. He’s no alpha dog, rarely barks and gets along with dogs and kids (cats are just something to chase so far). He’s both eager to please and easy to please. Chet is happy to lie close by and chew his bone but is ready to go when you are! He’s discovered that he loves car rides and the dog park.

House and crate trained, neutered and not destructive, he could use some more leash training but mostly wants to stay close to you anyway. Special talents: contorting himself into impossible positions and catching treats in mid-air.

Chet came from a shelter with two low-grade mast cell tumors and heartworms. Throughout surgeries and heartworm treatment he maintained his sweet and gentle demeanor. He is currently cancer-free as far as we can tell. More mast cell tumors may or may not ever show up in the future, so his new parents will need to check him frequently for any bump and be able to have it removed asap if found. He loves being checked since he lives for petting! He'll repay you in amazing love and loyalty. He’s so worth it!

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