Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
2 years
Available for Adoption

Meet Duke

Up for adoption: Duke.
He can be adopted in Texas. He is about 2-3 years old and weighs about 67lbs
Duke is so smart he wrote his own bio:
"Hello my name is Duke I'm a chocolate lab mix. I'm a very happy dog. I'm so special I like to wag my tail in a 360 motion rather than back an forth like regular dogs.
I sometimes think I'm a small dog and like to try and jump on my humans lap to get some love. You do have to be careful with me because I don't exactly know what a leash is so when I'm not on one I tend to walk away and explore. I'm not sure what the brown stuff on the ground is but I have a feelings it stores treasure for me that I will find one day.(I'm a digger).
I sure love to play and get dirty and smelly but I'm not very fond of that wet stuff they put on me with bubbles it freak me out.(still has a little trouble with baths).
I didn't have a name until the end of May so it's still a little hard for me to understand who exactly you're calling for.
I love to try and sneak food when I think you're not looking but all you have to do is say no when I beg and I lay down by your feet.
I'm not fond of the cages they put other dogs in and I will cry to try and make you feel sorry for me, but if it is necessary to put me in there I will understand.
I love food and I'm not too much of a sharing kind of dog (I like my space) so if you feed me away from other dogs I would very much appreciate it. I love my smaller foster brother and sister but I'm not sure exactly how to play with them since I'm a little rough and slap them around with my paw.
They don't seem to like it that much and I'm not sure why. I have a little bit of a hard time adjusting to my new surroundings so I need someone who is willing to give me time and patience. I'm not the best car rider unless you love puddles and puddles of drool, I'm very good at that in the car. But don't get me wrong I enjoy the sight seeing along the way.
Duke is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com