Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
5 years
Available for Adoption

Meet Lilly

Up for adoption: Lilly. Lilly can be adopted in Texas and New England. Is that not the cutest, sweetest face you've ever seen?!

Lilly is about 5-6 years old. She weighs 58.7 lbs. She is house trained and will let you know if she needs to go potty. Lilly thrives having another dog around and would be best adopted into a home with another dog.

Lilly is very high energy. She has not met a toy she did not love! She loves water! She loves tug of war! She loves a game of fetch a lot! She just loves to play!

There is a cat in Lilly's foster home and she was very curious with the cat at first and tried playing like she was a dog. But now Lilly has learned not to approach to cat and to look the other way. She is a very good learner and strives for your attention!

She loves kids but due to her spunkiness she maybe better in a home with older children. She's got some puppy in her still.

Lilly seems okay meeting strangers and walks well on a leash but wants to meet other dogs. Lilly travels very well in the car. She sits nice in the back seat and looks out the window or just lies down.

Lilly is one spunky fun girl. She has a great personality. After playing hard, she wants to just cuddle up on your lap and just be pet or fall asleep. She wants security knowing you are there for her. She is definitely a Velcro dog with a wonderful spirit! She learns fast! She would probably make a great agility dog if someone is looking for one or a ranch dog doing some herding. She reminds us of the “Blue Dog” you see paintings. She really is a doll. Everyone who has met her, really loves her.

Lilly is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Apply at