Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
2 years
Available for Adoption

Meet Lucy

Up for adoption and Texas and New England: meet Lucy!

Lucy was found in a field – very pregnant and infested with fleas. Lucky Lab saw the post and knew we had to help her.

Within three days, she had five (5) puppies. She was a good mom, and all her puppies have been adopted to loving homes.

She is 60 lbs, 1-1/2 - 2 years old, loves to ride in the car, good with kids, adults, and dogs, although she is timid when first meeting other dogs. Once she warms up, she is very playful. She is submissive, so will not try to compete for the alpha position. She has met a few cats, and was curious, but not aggressive. She just stared at them.

The first few months we had Lucy, her tail was always tucked – even when she wagged. Now, her tail stands out like a “normal” dog, and she has gained so much confidence. She’s still a little awkward when she gets excited and she’s not a good model (she is quirky – when you try to take her picture, she rolls and moves around, and does everything but pose pretty, although she is gorgeous). If your tone is the slight bit negative, she cowers and retreats to her kennel. It is sad how she frightens so easily, but, she snaps out of it as soon as she realizes she is not in trouble.

Her fur is so soft, and she is a great cuddler. She does not bark much, but when she does, it’s usually when she is playing with another dog. She loves laying in the yard and hanging out outside.

Lucy has never had an accident inside the house. She is dog-door and crate trained. She does need lots of toys to keep her occupied, else, she will make anything she finds her toys.

She is now spayed, up-to-date on shots and heartworm medication, flea-free, and ready for a loving home. She will make an outstanding addition to any family.

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