Puppy Darla

Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
4 months
Available for Adoption

Meet Puppy Darla

Up for adoption: Puppy Darla:
Darla is a real darling and she is ready for her fur-ever home. She's about 12 weeks old and 14 pounds! She can be adopted in Texas and New England.
She is a sweetie and has enough love and affection for your whole family. Darla loves to cuddle and be in the middle of all of the action! She is curious and so smart! She loves her chew bones and never misses an opportunity to play fetch with a ball! She is learning how to “give” that ball back now too! She has some beginning leash training and has responded well to it.
Darla is very tolerant of kids of all sizes and loves to show her affection with kisses.
Darla does great with other dogs and even has cat exposure- she loves the cat and he tolerates her.
She has done a great job in the crate for up to a few hours during the day when you leave the house, but prefers to cuddle at night. She can last 7-8 hrs at night before needing to go out.
Potty training is in progress. She knows to go potty when outside, but needs regular opportunities to go out.
Her vaccinations are on schedule and she has all the appropriate preventative medications.
Apply at www.luckylabrescue.com