30 pounds
Date of Birth: 
2 years
Dog Friendly: 
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Meet Reggie

Meet Reggie and George—A Bonded Pair
Available for Adoption in the Midwest and New England

Reggie and George are litter mates and came into Lucky Lab Rescue as owner surrenders. They are very dependent on each other and must be adopted together.

We don’t know what happened in their previous home, but obviously George and Reggie did not have a lot of human interaction and they were not exposed to any part of human life. They are scared and timid and try desperately to hide behind each other. They turn their backs to the new world, almost hoping that you don’t notice them. Which is a shame, because these two are the most loving, sweetest, gorgeous dogs you will ever meet. It will take several weeks to fully earn your trust, but when you do, they give back in spades.

Reggie loves life! He has blossomed in foster care and has really come into his own. When Reggie runs he has a bounce in his step and you just know he is happy. He loves treats and toys and maybe he loves his toys a little too much. Reggie has a habit of going around the house and stealing the toys from the other dogs and taking them into his room where his crate is. However, he is also fine with the other dogs coming and stealing the toys right back. This just adds to the fun. Reggie will steal his way right into your heart.

George is a lover and enjoys snuggling up to you on the couch. He is a sucker for a good scratch behind his ears. George is very dependent on his littermate Reggie and will often use Reggie as a shield and will wait for Reggie to take the lead in new situations. We are working on getting George to be more independent and confident. George is slowly coming out of his shell in foster care and is starting to gain confidence. George must have access to his crate 24/7 as he sees his crate as his secure and safe area. He will often go to his crate when he is overwhelmed or when new people enter the house. George enjoys running outside with his numerous 4-legged foster siblings. He loves treats and toys. George is very sweet and gentle and loves to give those awesome doggie kisses.

Reggie and George would do best with another confident dog in the house. They are gaining confidence and independence but still depend on each other for support. Reggie and George are two "homedoggies" and may never be comfortable going to the dog park, or Petco, or even riding in the car. But on the flip side, once they are comfortable in your home they are so loving and so sweet. They give kisses freely. They love to snuggle up on your lap. They live to be petted and loved on!!!

Reggie and George are crate trained and house trained. They are neutered, up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped and have been on heartworm/tick preventative.

If you might have a special place in your heart for these two sweet boys, please go to and fill out an online application indicating your interest in Reggie and George in the notes section.