Thelma Lou & Punkin

Lab Mix
Date of Birth: 
8 years

Meet Thelma Lou & Punkin

We are looking for a very special home for these two adorable bonded Bassett Hounds! These two come to us from a very dear friend to Lucky Lab, whom we love and adore. She knows Lucky Lab has the BEST adopters in the world!

And how often do we get to adopt dogs with longer, floppier ears than Labs? We think they are adorable. Even better they've lived with a dog trainer for years!

Up for adoption in Texas and New England Themla Lou and Punkin.

Thelma Lou (tri-color) is a senior gal (prob 7-8) and enjoys spending her time basking in the sun and lounging next to you whenever possible. Thelma LOVES children and currently lives with two cats, although she does annoy them sometimes.

Thelma still has small spurts of energy when she thinks the excitement is worth the exhaustion. She is a people pleaser and rarely barks unless the occasional squirrel refuses to leave her backyard. Thelma Lou is crate trained and house trained, she knows "sit, down, spin, leave it, sit pretty and "go to your mat" where she will promptly run to a bed or mat and lay down until you ask her to get up. Thelma is great with and NEEDS the companion of another dog, Thelma is very bonded to her little sister "Punkin" and they would really love to find a home together.

Punkin (red and white) is a three year old little girl. You'll find Punkin wherever the sun is shining through. Punkin loves being outside with you. We have yet to hear her howl and can count on both hands how many times she's barked; she's a quiet one. Punkin is pretty energetic for a Basset and LOVES to play fetch with anything that squeaks!

However, after about 20-30 minutes, she will be in need of a little nap. Punkin knows "sit, down, go around and go to your mat". Punkin LOVES children and is great with other dogs and cats as well. Punkin is built like a TANK and may accidentally knock over a very young child. She is pretty attached to her older sister. Thelma Lou, and really hopes they can find a home together.

Both dogs are spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. We want nothing but the best for this pair and they must remain together.

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